If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer, finding the right information is important. The blogs we’ve listed provide medical details, emotional support, and a sense of community. They cover the latest research, treatment options, personal stories, and advice for caregivers and survivors.

These blogs offer knowledge and connect you with others who understand what you’re going through. Whether you need treatment information, support, or inspiration, these resources can help you feel more informed and supported on your cancer journey.

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Best General And Informational Cancer Blogs

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1. Cancer Support Community

This is a great resource for cancer patients and their loved ones who are looking for a blog that is both informative and emotionally supportive! On Cancer Support Community, members can filter blog posts by category, including by cancer type and stage—meaning you can choose to see articles specifically relevant to your diagnosis.

2. Cancer Currents

An enlightening, informational research blog provided by the National Cancer Institute, Cancer Currents is dedicated to providing insight into topics spanning from cancer research and updates to studies and treatments, etc. This is a worthwhile resource for those looking to learn more about cancer.

3. Living With Cancer

One of the cool things about this blog is that they offer articles on a great multitude of cancer-related topics— their articles range from informative and scientific to emotional, psychological, and holistic. There’s something for everyone here.

4. Cancer.net

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) maintains a blog aimed at helping individuals navigate a cancer diagnosis. Their website boasts many articles written and/or reviewed specifically by doctors. Many of their articles focus on topics related to cancer advocacy and research, as well as survivorship. They are also a great resource for caregivers, friends, and family looking for articles on supporting a loved one through cancer.


American Childhood Cancer Organization provides a blog focusing on topics related to childhood cancer. One of our favorite things about this blog is their inspirational “Gold Ribbon Heroes” stories, written by children and adolescents battling or having beat cancer.

6. Cancer Center360

This blog provides digestible current cancer news without being overly scientific or difficult to understand. The blog is maintained by Cancer Treatment Centers of America and is a good reference for articles on a broad range of cancer topics, from general to specific.

Best Cancer Journey Blogs

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1. Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC)

Cancer survivor Geoff Eaton created YACC, which functions as an online support community for young adults experiencing a cancer diagnosis. On the website, you can find encouraging profiles written by cancer survivors and ‘community stories’ aimed at informing and supporting members on various cancer topics, concerns, etc. Oh, and did we mention there are also ‘supporter profiles’ for those currently caring for a loved one with cancer?

2. Stupid Cancer

This nonprofit organization allows individuals living with cancer to share their journeys with a supportive online community via the guest blog. Readers can feel at home with articles written by people just like them, who are currently navigating—or have previously navigated— a cancer diagnosis.

3. I Had Cancer

Started by breast cancer survivor Mailet Lopez, the mission of I Had Cancer is to empower those affected by a cancer diagnosis. On the blog, you’ll find inspiring stories written by individuals at all stages of their cancer journey— from the newly diagnosed to those currently in treatment, and finally, those who have beat cancer.

4. Young Survival Coalition (YSC)

This blog is a wonderful resource for young women navigating a breast cancer diagnosis. The blog features personal stories written by women who are currently experiencing breast cancer and those who have beat it. Also featured on the blog are helpful articles meant to support young women—with topics from self-care to navigating sex and relationships while living with breast cancer, etc.

5. The Other C Word

This personal blog details one man’s experience with bone cancer. The blog’s author, Steve, takes us along with him for the ride as he chronicles his experience with cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and various surgeries. The blog also focuses on how cancer patients can benefit from holistic health practices.

6. Every Breath I Take

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Lisa Goldman created the Every Breath I Take blog to chronicle her journey and raise awareness about lung cancer. All articles on the website are penned by Lisa and are both encouraging and supportive, as well as informational. Overall, this is a great resource for those living with lung cancer.

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