Facing ovarian cancer is not just a physical and emotional battle but often comes with substantial financial burdens. We recognize the importance of finding support that allows you to focus on your health and well-being.

We are here to help you explore various avenues for financial assistance, including government programs, nonprofit organizations, and other initiatives aimed at helping you manage medical expenses and alleviate the strain on your finances.

Whether you’re in active treatment, dealing with the financial challenges of a cancer diagnosis, or seeking support for ongoing healthcare costs, this guide is here to provide valuable information tailored to your needs.

How To Find Financial Assistance For Ovarian Cancer Patients

Receiving an ovarian cancer diagnosis can bring about not only health concerns but also financial uncertainties. Understanding the financial challenges associated with medical treatment is the first step toward seeking assistance tailored to your needs.

Government Assistance Programs

Medicaid for Ovarian Cancer Patients

One significant avenue for financial aid is through government assistance programs. Medicaid plays a crucial role in providing coverage for medical expenses related to ovarian cancer treatment. Eligible individuals can access support, ensuring that medical costs, from doctor visits to prescription drug coverage, are covered.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Patients facing a barrier to work due to their medical condition may explore Social Security Disability Benefits. This program is designed to offer financial support to individuals unable to work due to a qualifying disability, including ovarian cancer.

Nonprofit Organizations and Support Groups

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is a valuable resource, offering services from practical support to financial assistance. Ovarian cancer patients can explore programs that provide financial aid, prescription assistance, and even help with non-medical expenses, ensuring a holistic approach to support.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition not only advocates for those affected by ovarian cancer but also provides financial resources to eligible patients. Exploring their offerings can ease the financial burden and provide crucial support during treatment.

Collaborating with Community Organizations

Beyond medical expenses, community organizations often step in to offer practical support. From co-payment assistance to aid with living expenses, these groups contribute to lessening the financial strain on ovarian cancer patients.

Seeking Financial Guidance

Engaging with financial counselors can be instrumental in understanding your options and eligibility for various assistance programs. These professionals help you navigate the complex financial aid landscape, ensuring you access the support you need.

Exploring Clinical Trials and Additional Resources

For those considering clinical trials, financial benefits and support are often available. Understanding the financial eligibility guidelines and exploring available resources can make participating in clinical trials more accessible.

Additional Resources for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Beyond the mentioned programs, various additional resources, including donated frequent flyer miles for transportation or entertainment community funds, can contribute to alleviating the financial burden on patients.

In your journey against ovarian cancer, financial assistance is not just a possibility—it’s a vital resource. Explore the avenues mentioned here, engage with support groups, and empower yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate the financial challenges associated with ovarian cancer treatment. Remember, you’re not alone; help is available.


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Ovarian Cancer-Specific Financial Grants From Organizations

Navigating the financial landscape of ovarian cancer can be challenging. However, specific resources are designed to offer targeted assistance to those facing this diagnosis. Explore the following ovarian cancer-specific financial grants from organizations dedicated to providing support:

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC)

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition is committed to assisting individuals affected by ovarian cancer. Through their financial grant programs, eligible patients can access support for medical expenses, prescription assistance, and non-medical costs. NOCC’s focus on ovarian cancer ensures that its resources are tailored to the unique needs of ovarian cancer patients.

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA)

OCRA advances research and supports ovarian cancer patients through its financial assistance programs. Patients undergoing treatment can explore OCRA’s grants, which may cover various expenses, providing much-needed relief during a challenging time.

CancerCare Ovarian Cancer Support Fund

CancerCare’s Ovarian Cancer Support Fund is specifically designed to address the financial challenges ovarian cancer patients face. This fund offers financial assistance for co-payments, transportation to and from treatment, and other related expenses.

Women & Girls Cancer Alliance (WGCA)

WGCA focuses on women’s cancers, including ovarian cancer, and offers financial grants to eligible patients. These grants may cover various expenses, from medical bills to living costs, providing crucial support during active treatment.

The Pink Fund

While not exclusively for ovarian cancer, The Pink Fund provides financial assistance to breast cancer patients, including those with metastatic disease. Given the commonality of ovarian and breast cancers, eligible ovarian cancer patients may find valuable support through this organization.

Applying for Ovarian Cancer-Specific Grants

To access these ovarian cancer-specific financial grants, reviewing each organization’s eligibility criteria and application process is essential. Many of these organizations have dedicated support teams ready to assist you in navigating the application process, ensuring that the financial aid you need is within reach.

Government Financial Assistance Programs

When facing ovarian cancer, the financial burden can be overwhelming. Fortunately, government programs are designed to provide financial assistance to help ease the challenges associated with medical expenses. Explore the following government financial assistance programs tailored to support ovarian cancer patients:


Medicaid stands as a cornerstone of financial support for those undergoing ovarian cancer treatment. This state and federally-funded program offers comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, ensuring that eligible patients can access the care they need without the added strain of hefty medical bills.

Social Security Disability Benefits

For individuals facing the inability to work due to their medical condition, Social Security Disability Benefits offer crucial financial aid. Ovarian cancer patients who meet the eligibility criteria can receive ongoing support, helping to alleviate financial stress during active treatment.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

While not a direct financial assistance program, FMLA provides job protection for eligible employees dealing with serious health conditions, including ovarian cancer. This allows patients to take unpaid leave without fear of job loss, providing valuable support during treatment.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers Nationwide

For eligible veterans, the VA Medical Centers across the nation offer specialized care for ovarian cancer. Veterans can access comprehensive medical services, often with financial support, ensuring that those who served our country receive the care they deserve.

Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace provides a platform for individuals to explore and enroll in affordable health insurance plans. Understanding available coverage options and subsidies can help ovarian cancer patients secure the insurance they need to manage medical expenses effectively.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration extends disability benefits to qualifying individuals, including those with ovarian cancer. Understanding the application process and eligibility criteria is crucial to accessing the financial support provided by this federal program.

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Housing Financial Assistance

Ovarian cancer patients often face not only medical expenses but also the challenge of maintaining stable housing during treatment. Recognizing these concerns, several dedicated housing financial assistance programs are available to provide support.

CancerCare’s Ovarian Cancer Support Fund

CancerCare’s Ovarian Cancer Support Fund extends financial assistance explicitly to cover housing-related costs. This program is designed to help ovarian cancer patients facing challenges with rent, mortgage payments, or other housing-related expenses.

Local and State Housing Assistance Programs

Many local and state governments offer housing assistance programs that specifically cater to individuals facing financial challenges due to health issues, including ovarian cancer. Explore these community resources to find programs directly supporting rent, mortgage payments, or temporary housing.

Social Services and Nonprofit Organizations

Social services and nonprofit organizations collaborate to offer holistic support, including financial assistance for housing-related expenses. These organizations strive to ensure ovarian cancer patients have access to stable housing environments during treatment.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) – Housing Assistance

The NOCC provides general financial assistance and may offer targeted support for housing-related costs. Eligible ovarian cancer patients can explore NOCC’s resources to alleviate the burden of maintaining stable housing while undergoing treatment.

Transportation Assistance

Transportation is a critical aspect of receiving timely and necessary medical care, especially during ovarian cancer treatment. Recognizing the challenges associated with transportation-related expenses, several programs exist to offer financial assistance to ovarian cancer patients.

American Cancer Society – Road to Recovery Program

The American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program connects cancer patients with volunteer drivers who provide transportation to and from medical appointments. This program aims to alleviate the burden of transportation costs for cancer patients, including those undergoing ovarian cancer treatment.

Financial Assistance For Child And Elder Care

Balancing the demands of ovarian cancer treatment with the responsibilities of caring for children or elderly family members can be challenging. Several organizations recognize the importance of family support and offer financial assistance for child and elder care. Explore the following organizations that provide valuable support:

CancerCare’s Child and Elderly Care Assistance

CancerCare extends financial assistance explicitly aimed at supporting ovarian cancer patients with child and elderly care needs. This program is designed to help cover the costs associated with childcare, transportation, and other caregiving expenses.

National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service

The Cancer Information Service can connect patients to local resources that provide financial assistance for child and elder care. Contact the service to inquire about available programs in your area that cater to the unique needs of cancer patients with family caregiving responsibilities.

Family Caregiver Alliance

While not exclusively focused on financial assistance, the Family Caregiver Alliance offers resources and support for family caregivers. Explore their programs to find information and assistance that may help alleviate the challenges of balancing caregiving responsibilities during ovarian cancer treatment.

ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center

For individuals caring for elderly family members, the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center offers information and support for respite care. While not a financial assistance program, respite care can provide temporary relief for caregivers, allowing them to manage their responsibilities effectively.

Well Spouse Association

The Well Spouse Association focuses on supporting spouses who are caregivers. While not a financial assistance program, this organization provides resources and a supportive community for individuals caring for spouses during challenging times.

Eldercare Locator

The Eldercare Locator, a U.S. Administration on Aging public service, connects individuals to local services for older adults and their families. Explore the locator to find information on financial assistance programs and resources available in your community.


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Prescription & Treatment Assistance

The cost of prescription medications and treatment can be a significant concern for ovarian cancer patients. Recognizing the importance of access to these vital components of care, several programs exist to offer financial assistance. Explore the following avenues for prescription and treatment support:

Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN)

PAN provides financial assistance to underinsured patients, helping cover the costs of prescription medications, including those used in ovarian cancer treatment. Eligible patients can apply for assistance to ensure access to crucial medications without added financial strain.


NeedyMeds is a nonprofit organization providing information on various prescription medication assistance programs. Patients can find resources through their database that offer financial support for specific medications used in ovarian cancer treatment.


GoodRx is a prescription savings program that discounts medications at participating pharmacies. Patients can use the GoodRx website or mobile app to find and compare prices, potentially reducing out-of-pocket costs for prescribed medications.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)

PPA connects patients to assistance programs that provide access to prescription medications. By offering a single point of access, PPA helps individuals find the support they need to afford necessary medications for ovarian cancer treatment.

The Assistance Fund

The Assistance Fund provides financial support for individuals with chronic or serious illnesses, including ovarian cancer. Eligible patients can access assistance for specialty medications used in their treatment.

HealthWell Foundation

HealthWell Foundation offers financial assistance for individuals facing high co-payments or premiums for prescription medications. Patients undergoing ovarian cancer treatment can apply for support to ease the financial burden associated with their medications.

Patient Advocate Foundation – Co-Pay Relief Program

The Co-Pay Relief Program assists eligible patients with co-payments for prescription medications. Ovarian cancer patients can explore this program to receive financial support for the out-of-pocket costs associated with their prescribed treatments.


Life Insurance:

Life insurance can be a valuable asset, and for those facing ovarian cancer, exploring financial options such as life settlements and viatical settlements may provide crucial support. Learn about these options, including the services offered by American Life Fund:

Life Settlements

Life settlements involve selling a life insurance policy to a third party for a cash payout. This can be a viable option for individuals who no longer need their life insurance coverage. The funds obtained from a life settlement can be used to cover various expenses, including medical costs associated with ovarian cancer treatment.

Viatical Settlements

Viatical settlements are specifically designed for individuals facing serious illnesses like ovarian cancer. In a viatical settlement, a policyholder sells their life insurance policy to a third party for an immediate cash benefit. This can provide financial assistance during the challenging times of active treatment.

American Life Fund is a leading provider of viatical settlements, specializing in assisting individuals with life-threatening illnesses. If you are considering a viatical settlement, American Life Fund offers personalized support, ensuring a streamlined and compassionate process.

Why Consider American Life Fund?

  • Expertise: American Life Fund focuses on viatical settlements, bringing expertise and understanding to individuals facing serious illnesses, including ovarian cancer.
  • Timely Assistance: Viatical settlements through American Life Fund provide a timely cash benefit, helping patients access funds when needed.
  • Compassionate Support: The team at American Life Fund understands the unique challenges of individuals dealing with ovarian cancer. They offer compassionate support throughout the entire viatical settlement process.

Understanding the intricacies of life and viatical settlements requires careful consideration and expert guidance. If you are contemplating these options, contact financial professionals or organizations like American Life Fund for personalized assistance. They can provide insights, answer questions, and guide you through the process of unlocking the financial value of your life insurance policy during this challenging time.


Financial Expectations For Ovarian Cancer Patients

Ovarian cancer not only brings physical and emotional challenges but can also lead to financial concerns. Understanding what to expect financially during your ovarian cancer journey is essential for effective planning. Consider the following aspects:

What Benefits Are Ovarian Cancer Patients Entitled To?

Ovarian cancer patients may be entitled to various benefits that can provide financial support during their treatment journey. Understanding and accessing these benefits is crucial for managing the associated costs. Consider the following:

Health Insurance Benefits

Review your health insurance policy to understand the benefits of ovarian cancer treatment. Identify coverage for hospital stays, surgeries, chemotherapy, and other essential medical services.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Check your health insurance plan for prescription drug coverage. Understanding the costs and coverage for medications used in ovarian cancer treatment can help manage out-of-pocket expenses.

Disability Benefits

Explore disability benefits that may be available to you. Short-term or long-term disability benefits can provide financial support if you are unable to work during your ovarian cancer treatment.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Understand your rights under FMLA, which provides eligible employees with job-protected leave for certain family or medical reasons, including the diagnosis and treatment of a serious health condition like ovarian cancer. FMLA allows you to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave while maintaining health insurance coverage and job protection.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Explore Social Security Disability benefits if your ovarian cancer diagnosis leads to a long-term disability. You may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) based on your work history and financial need.

Understanding and accessing benefits for ovarian cancer patients requires proactive communication with various entities. Contact your health insurance provider, employer’s HR department, and relevant government agencies to inquire about available benefits.

Additionally, reach out to cancer-specific organizations and advocacy groups for guidance on navigating the financial landscape during your ovarian cancer journey. Remember, these benefits are designed to provide support and alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with your treatment.

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