American Life Fund partners with trusted non-profit cancer organizations that connect patients with cancer financial assistance programs, caregiver and patient support, educational resources, and medical treatment services. Through our partnerships with these organizations, we’re able to provide more resources than ever to cancer patients in need. Nonprofit cancer organizations offer important support to cancer patients by providing financial help, educational materials, and emotional support.

For example, the Breast Cancer Alliance funds research and supports underserved patients. The Colon Cancer Coalition promotes prevention through increased screening and provides educational resources. The Colorectal Cancer Alliance and the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation also offer services like clinical trial information and financial aid for everyday costs.

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nonprofit cancer organization: Breast Cancer Alliance

Breast Cancer Alliance

The Breast Cancer Alliance is a national breast cancer nonprofit organization whose mission is to “improve survival rates and quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer through better prevention, early detection, treatment and cure.” One of the Breast Cancer Alliance’s main initiatives is to provide money to underfunded breast cancer initiatives including early-stage research, breast surgery fellowships, regional education, and screening/preventative services for underserved individuals.

They also provide breast cancer patients with connections to other resources including cancer financial assistance, clinical trial information, patient and caregiver support services, and prescription discount programs.

nonprofit cancer organization: Colon Cancer Coalition

Colon Cancer Coalition

The Colon Cancer Coalition is a national colon cancer nonprofit organization located in Minnesota. The Colon Cancer Coalition’s number one goal is to increase screening rates to help raise prevention of this disease. They work closely with communities on screening programs so they can use these local resources to impact as many individuals as possible.

Although their main focus is promoting colon cancer prevention initiatives, they have a network of useful resources for patients and caregivers including educational materials, medical treatment information, community support, and cancer financial assistance resources.

nonprofit cancer organization: Colorectal Cancer AllianceColorectal Cancer Alliance

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance mission is to empower a nation of allies who work to provide support for patients, caregivers, and survivors. Their organization helps raise awareness of preventative measures and inspires efforts to fund critical cancer research.

They have many support resources for patients, survivors and caregivers such as their Buddy Program. This peer support program puts patients and caregivers in touch with other patients and caregivers. The Colorectal Cancer Alliance also has a Clinical Trial Finder that puts patients in touch with the best clinical trial based on their location, medical status, and eligibility.

nonprofit cancer organization: National Pancreatic Cancer FoundationNational Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is a national pancreatic cancer nonprofit organization whose mission is to “deliver unwavering support for patients and families fighting pancreatic cancer.”

The NPCF has a variety of resources to assist pancreatic cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. They have cancer financial assistance programs in place including one to help fund complementary therapy and one to assist with everyday living expenses. The NPCF also provides educational information and a network of other resources for pancreatic cancer patients.

nonprofit cancer organization: Pancreatic Cancer Action NetworkPancreatic Cancer Action Network

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network works to support pancreatic cancer research, clinical initiatives, patient services, and advocacy.They provide free clinical trial information to put patients in touch with available treatment options via their Clinical Trial Finder. Patients are also able to speak with a Survivor and Caregiver Network volunteer for support and helpful information from those who have experienced pancreatic cancer.

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