In Illinois, cancer patients have access to financial assistance through government programs, nonprofit organizations, and private foundations. These resources help cover medical expenses, transportation, and other necessary costs. Each program has specific eligibility criteria and application procedures, so it’s important for patients to contact these organizations directly to understand their options.

Utilizing these financial assistance opportunities can help cancer patients in Illinois manage the costs of their treatment and focus more on recovery.

This article highlights some available options that uninsured or underinsured patients can explore during this trying time.

What Can Cancer Patients Expect When Looking For Financial Assistance in Illinois?

Cancer patients in Illinois may feel overwhelmed and financially burdened due to the high cost of cancer treatment. However, numerous financial assistance programs and resources are available to help alleviate these challenges. These resources include government-funded programs, nonprofit organizations, and private foundations.

By accessing these resources, cancer patients can receive support with medical expenses, transportation costs, and other essential needs. Each program’s eligibility requirements and application processes may vary, so patients are encouraged to contact these organizations directly to learn more about their options. By taking advantage of these available resources, cancer patients in Illinois can receive the financial assistance they need to focus on their treatment and recovery.Blog feature image with a flag and an eagle and a caption that says cancer patients in illinois

Tips For Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients in Illinois

For cancer patients in Illinois, navigating the financial burden of cancer treatment can be challenging. However, there are several tips that patients can follow to find financial assistance and support.

  1. Research government-funded programs like Medicaid that provide medical coverage to low-income individuals.
  2. Look into nonprofit organizations like the Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition and the Patient Advocate Foundation, which offer financial assistance and resources to help alleviate the financial strain of cancer treatment.
  3. Consider contacting your local American Cancer Society office, which provides various support services and financial assistance programs.
  4. Remember that eligibility requirements and application processes may vary for each program, so it’s important to contact these organizations directly and inquire about your options for financial assistance.
  5. Contact your healthcare provider or hospital to inquire about financial assistance options available to you. Many hospitals have programs to help patients with medical bills and other expenses.
  6. Check with your employer or union to see if they offer any financial assistance or support programs for employees battling cancer.
  7. Consider looking into local support groups or cancer organizations in your community, which may offer financial assistance or resources to help you manage the costs associated with cancer treatment.
  8. Reach out to friends and family members for help through fundraising efforts or ask for assistance with daily tasks that may become more difficult during treatment.
  9. Be careful to track your medical expenses and bills carefully, as this information will be crucial when applying for financial assistance programs.
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek guidance from professionals specializing in financial planning and assisting cancer patients. These experts can help you navigate the complex medical billing and insurance world. They may be able to provide valuable advice and resources to help you manage the financial impact of cancer treatment.

Financial Assistance in Illinois for Cancer Patients

Financial Assistance Resources in Illinois

Here is a list of resources available for financial assistance for cancer patients in Illinois:

  1. Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS): Offers Medicaid and other medical assistance programs for low-income individuals.
  2. Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition: A national organization that provides financial assistance and resources to cancer patients.
  3. Patient Advocate Foundation: Offers assistance with medical bills and insurance-related issues for cancer patients.
  4. American Cancer Society: Provides various support services and financial assistance programs for cancer patients.
  5. CancerCare: Offers financial assistance programs and counseling services for cancer patients and their families.
  6. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: Provides financial assistance to patients with blood cancer and their families.
  7. Midwest Cancer Alliance: Offers financial assistance and support to cancer patients in the Midwest region.
  8. National Cancer Institute (NCI): Provides information and resources for cancer patients and their families, including financial assistance options.
  9. Social Security Administration (SSA): Offers disability benefits for individuals with cancer who cannot work.
  10. Local hospitals and healthcare providers: Often have financial assistance programs for patients struggling with medical bills and other expenses.

By reaching out to these organizations and resources, cancer patients in Illinois can access the financial assistance and support they need to manage treatment costs and focus on their recovery.

Viatical Settlements in Illinois

Viatical settlements are another form of financial assistance available to cancer patients in Illinois. Patients with life insurance policies can enter agreements with third-party buyers to sell their life insurance policy in return for a lump-sum payment (more than the cash value of the life insurance policy but less than the death benefit).

American Life Fund is a viatical settlement company that specializes in helping cancer patients. We can provide a lump-sum payment for your life insurance policy to help cover the cost of medical bills, living expenses, and other costs associated with cancer treatment.

For us, the most important thing is alleviating the financial burden associated with cancer care, reducing stress, and enabling you to spend more time on the things that matter.

Through our hassle-free application process, American Life Fund will help you get an immediate cash offer for your insurance policy.

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FAQ For Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients in Illinois

Q: What Types of Financial Assistance Are Available to Cancer Patients in Illinois?

A: Cancer patients in Illinois have access to various financial assistance resources, including government-funded programs like Medicaid, nonprofit organizations like the American Cancer Society and Cancer Care, and local support groups and cancer organizations.

Q: How do I Apply For Financial Assistance?

A: The application process varies depending on the organization or program you are applying to. Most organizations require documentation to verify income and medical expenses.

Q: What Types of Expenses Can Financial Assistance Programs Cover?

A: Financial assistance programs can help cover various expenses, including medical bills, transportation, lodging, and other living expenses associated with cancer treatment.

Q: Are There Income Requirements For Financial Assistance Programs?

A: Yes, many financial assistance programs have income requirements. Patients who meet these requirements may be eligible for assistance with medical bills and other expenses.

Q: Can I Receive Financial Assistance if I Have Insurance?

A: Yes, even patients with insurance may struggle to cover cancer treatment costs. Financial assistance programs can help cover expenses that insurance may not cover.

Q: How Long Does it Take to Receive Financial Assistance?

A: The time to receive financial assistance varies depending on the program. Some organizations offer immediate assistance, while others may take several weeks to process applications.


Dealing with cancer can be an overwhelming and stressful physical and financial experience. In Illinois, numerous resources are available to provide financial assistance to cancer patients, including grants, scholarships, insurance assistance programs, and other organizations specializing in cancer support. When applying for financial assistance, it’s essential to explore all available options and disclose any sources of assistance.

At American Life Fund, we understand the emotional and financial toll cancer can take on patients and their families. Our team is dedicated to providing financial relief to cancer patients by offering an immediate cash offer for their insurance policy. We believe that reducing the financial burden of cancer treatment can help alleviate stress and enable patients to focus on their well-being and loved ones.

Our team can answer any questions and guide the application process. Let us help you ease the financial pressure so you can prioritize what matters most. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help support you on your journey.

About the Author: Eugene Houchins

In 2005, Gene Houchins founded American Life Fund, addressing a significant gap in financial options for life insurance policyholders. As its leader, Gene specializes in providing swift financial support for those with severe illnesses. Through viatical settlements, his organization is able to assist patients with funding medical and living expenses through their existing life insurance policies.

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