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Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

If you have recently been diagnosed with late-stage cancer, you may be in need of financial aid that can help cover medication, medical expenses, cancer care, and everyday basic needs.


In the United States, even with government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, you still may face cumbersome out of pocket expenses.

Most people don’t know that your life insurance policy is considered an asset that you own, and that it can be sold for a lump sum cash payment known as a viatical settlement.

Viatical settlements provide a self-reliant source of funds and may be a better option for financial assistance than setting up a GoFundMe account or directed benefits such as gas cards.

Get Cash From Your Existing Life Insurance Policy

American Life Fund provides financial help to cancer patients by assisting you in selling your life insurance policy. The heart of our mission is to help alleviate the financial burden associated with cancer care, reduce stress, and enable you to spend more time on the things that matter.

Financial assistance is not restricted to cancer treatments, and there is no approval required from your health insurance. Viatical settlement payouts can be used to address all types of financial challenges, or simply provide capital to do more of what you love in life.

100% Freedom with Viatical Funds

The financial resources acquired from selling your life insurance policy can go toward travel, setting up college funds for children, covering out-of-pocket costs for treatment, any medical debt you have accrued, child care, costs of prescription drugs, insurance coverage, insurance premiums, mental health counseling or clinics, oncology medical treatments, out of network referrals, car payments, personal utilities or utility bills, or just general financial support.

Through this hassle-free process, American Life Fund will help you get an immediate cash offer for your life settlement policy.


Many nonprofit organizations feature friendly social workers that provide financial help for cancer patients, but many of these institutions have limited resources and long waitlists because of the volume of applicants. While groups like the Patient Advocate Foundation can help you over time, financial assistance programs, especially for healthcare-related costs, can often move slowly.

Anyone who is undergoing active treatment faces demanding costs for even the most practical needs. Health insurance premiums seem to rise every year, and the financial counselors for state programs often have to leave out populations because of limited resources. Patient assistance programs and other financial offices run by state governments are strapped for employees and finances.

For late-stage cancer patients or those facing reduced mobility, there may be more urgency to find caregiver support or change lodging arrangements. Low-income families are typically the first served under limited financial assistance, so many patients in the middle-class bracket struggle to find timely solutions. Non-profit organizations also typically provide a lower level of funding than can be accessed through a viatical settlement.


If you or a family member need financial assistance ASAP, consider working with our team here at American Life Fund.

We know that the cost of cancer goes far beyond health insurance coverage, and we provide a straightforward application process for cancer patients who need immediate solutions. Don’t be afraid to seek a higher quality of life. You deserve it, no matter what your financial situation is.

Inspirational Testimonials

Teresa Crowe TestimonialWhen my husband of 38 wonderful years was diagnosed with lung cancer, we were, of course, terrified. Financial help for cancer patients was scarce and we didn’t know what to do. Luckily, we had life insurance and I recently read online about companies that would buy out your policy so that you would be able to do the things you wanted to do like rest, take a trip, or just make life easier.

American Life Fund made this process so easy! They were courteous, understanding and helped us through the entire process and made it easier for our family to enjoy David’s time without worry and stress. I would recommend ALF to anyone looking for peace of mind when their loved one is ill.

Teresa Crowe, Detroit, MI


The American Life Fund viatical specialist was professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. If American Life Fund can help you, you will know right away. Many people do not know that there is an immediate option to sell their life insurance policy. No one should have to worry about money while fighting cancer or be in need. I have friends that speak of “Chemo-fog” from treatment, which makes it hard to keep up with things, including bills. If you miss just one life insurance premium payment, you are cancelled and you lose your coverage altogether. Call American Life Fund and discuss your options.

Karen Beasley, Mobile, AL


I am very happy that I found out about American Life Fund. It has made my life and finances more bearable. I was also very pleased that the funds I received for selling my policy were TAX FREE! I would recommend this company to anyone fighting cancer! Thank you so much for helping me. Thank you to all of the caring employees that helped me through this process.


Kathleen Roberts, Washington, D.C.

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