Brain cancer is a serious disease that can be life-threatening. Knowing the various treatment costs for brain cancer is important before deciding which treatment option is best for you or your loved one. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of treatment available for brain cancer and their associated costs.

Treatment Costs for Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer Statistics

The National Brain Tumor Society stated that there are approximately 700,000 people in the United States living with a primary brain tumor.

If current rates continue, it is estimated that 88,970 more will be diagnosed in 2022. While brain tumors can differ in severity and effect, they invariably change everything for the patient and their loved ones.

The Benefits of Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis is critical for brain cancer patients. The earlier the cancer is found, the more likely treatment will be successful. Early diagnosis also allows patients to begin treatment sooner, which can help improve outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

Even if the cancer cannot be cured, early diagnosis allows patients to take steps to preserve their quality of life. Therefore, it is important for people to be aware of the symptoms of brain cancer and to see a doctor if they experience any changes in their health. With early diagnosis, brain cancer patients may enjoy a longer and better quality of life.

Brain Cancer: Direct and Indirect Costs

Brain cancer costs can be divided into two main categories: direct and indirect.

Direct costs are related to the disease and its treatment, such as medical bills, hospital stays, prescriptions, and surgeries.

Indirect costs are not directly related to the disease or its treatment but take a toll on patients and their families. Indirect costs could be lost productivity at work, transportation, and childcare expenses.

A study published in the journal Cancer found that brain cancer patients and their families bore a significantly higher economic burden than those affected by other types of cancer. Brain cancer patients had the highest indirect costs, at an average of $64,790 per year.

This is likely because brain cancer patients often require extended time off from work and more frequent and expensive transportation costs. They may also need outside help to care for their children or other family members.

Brain Cancer Outlook

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, The 5-year survival rate for people in the United States with a cancerous brain or CNS tumor is almost 36%. The 10-year survival rate is almost 31%.

Age is a factor in general survival rates after a cancerous brain or CNS tumor is diagnosed. The 5-year survival rate for people younger than 15 is about 75%. 

While survival rates aren’t definitive, they are based on several conditions, such as brain or spinal tumor type. Have a conversation with your physician about what factors play into your prognosis.

Remember that the statistical data on how many people survive brain tumors is only an estimate. The information comes from yearly numbers of people living in America with this tumor. Also, specialists reassess these survival statistics every five years.

This means the current guess may not reflect any medical advancements made within the past five years concerning diagnosis or treatment methods for a brain tumor. If you have concerns, talk to your physician about this matter.

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Treatment Options for Brain Cancer

There are various types of treatment available for brain cancer. The type that is best for you will depend on your tumor’s stage and location and overall health.

The most common treatments are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Some patients may also receive targeted therapy or immunotherapy.

Treatment Costs for Brain Cancer

The costs associated with each type of treatment will vary depending on the specific procedure, location, and tumor severity.

For example, a craniotomy (a brain surgery to remove the tumor) can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000. Meanwhile, radiation therapy can cost between $5000 and $50,000, while chemotherapy can cost $3000 to $5000 per treatment session.

In some cases, health insurance will cover the costs of treatment. However, many patients find that their insurance does not cover all of the costs associated with brain cancer treatment and are left with significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Monthly Treatment Cost Estimates

If you are wondering how much your brain cancer treatment will cost every month, here is a breakdown of some of the most common expenses:

-Surgery: $3000-$100,000

-Radiation therapy: $1000-$5000 per month

-Chemotherapy: $500-$3000 per month

-Targeted therapy: $2000-$5000 per month

-Immunotherapy: $3000-$5000 per month

The following are just estimates since your actual expenses will be determined by the sort of treatment you get, where you live, and whether or not you have insurance. Make sure to discuss the anticipated costs of your therapy plan with your doctor.

Total Cost of Care

The American Cancer Society estimates that the average monthly cancer care cost of brain cancer treatment is more than $8,000.

Health Insurance

Health insurance typically covers brain cancer treatment, although some plans may not cover specific medicines or treatments. Out-of-pocket costs for brain cancer treatment for patients with health insurance typically include doctor visits, lab tests, prescription drug copays, and coinsurance rates of 10% to 50% for surgery and other procedures. These costs can quickly exceed the yearly out-of-pocket limit.

On the other hand, for patients with brain cancer without health insurance, treatment regimens might cost $50,000-$150,000 or more per year, depending on the type and length of treatment.

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Surgery Phase Costs Estimates

  • The initial phase of treatment for brain cancer is typically surgery.
  • The costs associated with this phase of treatment can vary widely depending on the type of surgery required and the location and severity of the tumor.
  • A craniotomy (a surgery to remove a brain tumor) can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000.

Radiation Therapy Costs Estimates

  • The next phase of treatment is usually radiation therapy. The costs associated with this phase of treatment can vary greatly depending on the type, location of radiation therapy, and tumor severity.
  • Proton beam radiation therapy can cost between $30,000 and $200,000.
  • Gamma knife radiation therapy can cost between $100,000 and $250,000.

Chemotherapy Costs Estimates

  • The last phase of treatment is typically chemotherapy. The costs associated with this treatment can vary depending on the chemotherapy required and the tumor size.
  • Oral chemotherapy can cost between $2000 and $5000 per month.
  • Intravenous chemotherapy can cost between $3000 and $5000 per treatment session.
  • Targeted Therapy is a newer type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to target specific genes, proteins, or the tissue environment that contributes to cancer growth and survival. This therapy can cost between $2000 and $5000 per month.
  • Immunotherapy is a newer cancer treatment that uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells. This therapy can cost between $3000 and $5000 per month.

Finding Help Paying For Brain Cancer

When diagnosed with brain cancer, you and your family will have many things to think about. One of the most important decisions will be how to finance your treatment. Several options are available, including insurance, government assistance programs, and charitable organizations. It is important to take the time to explore all of your choices.

American Life Fund Can Help With Brain Cancer Treatment Costs

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In Summary

Although brain cancer is a serious disease, early detection and treatment may improve the chances of survival. Brain cancer patients have several resources at their disposal.

Speak to your doctor to learn more about your treatment alternatives and government aid and charitable organizations that may help you pay for therapy. Patients with brain cancer can fight this illness by obtaining the appropriate tools and assistance.

The financial costs of any cancer are significant; learn about the costs and benefits of early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer here.

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