November is pancreatic cancer awareness month. Every year, about 55,440 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 44,330 people die of this cancer. That equates to about 152 diagnoses and 121 deaths per day. Although pancreatic cancer only accounts for about 3% of all cancer in the country, it is one of the most deadly, responsible for 7% of all cancer deaths. To fight this deadly disease, some patients turn to a viatical settlement which can help in a number of ways.

Taking Care of Yourself

One of the most important reasons people turn to a viatical settlement is so that they have the resources to take care of themselves. In this vein, pancreatic cancer patients use viatical settlements to cover medical treatments, explore alternative treatments, and travel to medical appointments. It also allows you to afford some items to make you more comfortable and help alleviate your discomfort such as massages or other treatments.

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Covering Time Off Work

Sadly, many cancer patients have to continue working through the experience, but if you take out a viatical settlement, you can use the funds to cover the cost of taking time off from work. Some patients even use the funds to retire early. Similarly, if you have a loved one helping you, you can also use the funds to help them take time off from work. You may want to extend them money to cover their bills, travel with you to medical appointments, or pay for other expenses.

Reducing Financial Stress

When you have pancreatic cancer, you need to be able to focus on your healing journey and spending time with your family. That seemingly straightforward task can seem daunting when you are dealing with a lot of financial stress, as well as your health issues. However, when you cash out your life insurance fund using a viatical settlement, you can instantly alleviate a lot of your financial stress.

Easy to Work With

Spending Time With Family

Viatical settlements don’t just have to be used to pay for bills. Instead, they can be used to help create precious memories. Patients can use the settlement to pay for a luxury vacation, to allow multiple people to take time off work without worry, or to cover the costs of a big family get together.

Paying Off the Home

Sometimes, patients use the funds to pay off their home. This allows them to not have to worry about making mortgage payments while they are ill. Also, once their home is paid off, they know that they don’t have to worry about ever losing their home and their family will always have a place to stay.

Getting Peace of Mind

Extra funds provide peace of mind when you have pancreatic cancer. If you have pancreatic cancer, we may be able to help you. Our viatical settlements turn your life insurance policy into a one-time, tax-free cash payment. To learn more call us at 877-226-9836 or instantly see if you qualify.

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