When you apply for a viatical settlement with American Life Fund, you don’t have to get a medical exam. However, a viatical settlement company does need to verify your diagnosis and health condition details. Here’s a look at why we don’t require a medical exam and a breakdown of what we need in terms of medical records.

Why Doesn’t American Life Fund Require a Medical Exam?

At American Life Fund, we understand that this is a hard time for both you and your family and strive to treat all of our clients with the kindness and understanding. We also know that the majority of our clients have already been seeing the doctor or other medical professionals on a regular basis, and we don’t want to burden you with unnecessary additional appointments.

What Information Should You Provide?

Although we don’t require our clients to get a medical exam, we do need additional information on your diagnosis. This means that we need to see your existing medical records. This gives us an idea of your unique situation, and it guides us as we create the offer for your viatical settlement.

How Do You Share Medical Records With a Viatical Settlement Company?

When you fill out your application for our viatical settlement company, you will sign a HIPAA disclosure that gives us permission to see your medical records. With this signed disclosure, we can contact your doctor’s office directly to obtain copies of your medical records as needed. However, that adds time to the application review process.

If you want to save time, you may want to submit any existing medical records you already have along with your application. To do that, you can simply make copies of your medical records and fax, email, or mail them to us. If you don’t have them on hand, you can ask your health care providers to send you copies of your medical records. Additionally, some doctor’s offices provide patients with online portal access to view their medical records. If so, you can download your medical records from the online portal and email, mail, or fax them to us.

Which Medical Records Do You Need?

To be on the safe side, you may want to send as many medical records as possible, but if you’re trying to minimize the paperwork involved with this process, you can ask one of our counselors directly which medical records they need. You can also get started by sending the most pertinent records related to your diagnosis. Then, our counselors can contact you or your doctor if additional information is needed.

At American Life Fund, we are committed to being a viatical settlement company that makes this process as easy as possible for our clients in addition to providing the highest settlements possible. To get started, fill out our short online form to get an instant quote or contact us directly over the phone by calling 877-658-1360.

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