There are a variety of viatical settlement companies and if you’re looking for a settlement it can be hard to know which company to select. At American Life Fund, we go above and beyond the competition. Here’s just a few of the reasons you’ll love working with us.

Sensitive Approach to Viatical Settlements

Having cancer can be stressful and emotionally draining. When you add in financial concerns, the situation can be nearly unbearable. We understand that our clients are going through a lot, and we take a sensitive approach to viatical settlements. We assign each individual a viatical counselor to work with them on a one-to-one basis, guiding them through the process. When you’re choosing viatical settlement companies, you want (and deserve) this type of sensitivity and individualized care.

Great Reviews

Our clients agree that our process is compassionate and knowledgeable. In fact, if you look through the client reviews on our website, you’ll see words such as “caring” and “experienced” peppered through many of our clients’ comments. Our clients also agree that working with us is a fast, easy, and stress-free process. And perhaps, most importantly, they talk about how the settlement helped their financial situation when things felt dire.

Instant Estimates

To help you learn how valuable your policy is, we offer instant estimates. To see what your life insurance policy is worth, you can call us directly, or you can use our online tool to generate a quote. Note that the quote is based on the value of your life insurance policy as well as a few other factors.

Fast Process

When you have terminal cancer or other illnesses where you need a viatical settlement, time is of the essence. To keep things moving quickly for our clients, we use a three-step process. That is easy to complete, and of course, our counselors help you through the entire process.

Quick Funding

The funding is also fast. In a lot of cases, we are able to get our clients the funds they need within just a week or two. When you contact us, we can let you know how long the funding is likely to take in your situation. Once you have the funds, you can use them to cover medical bills, take time off of work, or pay for other expenses. Many people turn to viatical settlement companies so that they can afford alternative treatments.

Attractive Offers

We aren’t one of those viatical settlement companies that focuses just on speed. We’re also committed to getting our clients the highest offers possible. To ensure we can give our clients great settlements, we work with them directly. This helps to avoid expensive and unnecessary third-party fees that other companies charge and even try to keep hidden from their clients.

Quality Partners

We believe that research is essential, and to further the cause, we partner with a number of non-profit organizations. That includes the Breast Cancer Alliance, the Colon Cancer Coalition, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, and the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

From the compassion we demonstrate with our clients to our quick and stress-free process, you will be glad you chose American Life Fund. To learn more about why we’re the #1 choice in viatical settlement companies, contact us today. We would love to work with you, and we are confident that you will feel the same way about us.

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