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5 Options for Finding Financial Help for Cancer Patients’ Treatment


 Unfortunately, a third of cancer patients go into debt for their treatment, and 3 percent have to file bankruptcy. If you’re having trouble finding help for cancer patients’ treatment and dealing with expensive medical bills, you may need some financial help for cancer patients’ treatment. In particular, you may want to consider one or more […]


Finding Money for Cancer Patients with Esophageal Cancer


 Cancer of the esophagus affects approximately 17,290 people in the United States, and it causes 15,850 deaths per year. Dealing with this type of cancer can be physically, emotionally, and financially painful. If you are dealing with a lot of financial stress, you may want to explore ways of finding money for cancer patients. Understanding Risk […]

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Using Viatical Insurance Funds During Cancer Treatment


 Viatical insurance, also known as a viatical settlement, offers you a way to cash out your life insurance policy now instead of later. For cancer patients, this transaction can be an essential way to cover expensive medical bills. However, there are numerous other ways that you can use the funds from viatical insurance as well. In particular, […]

financial aid for cancer patients

Financial Aid for Cancer Patients: Who Qualifies For a Viatical Settlement


 Although a viatical settlement is one of the lesser known forms of financial aid for cancer patients available, it is often the ideal solution when the financial need is great and the alternative options are few. Unfortunately, a diagnosis of cancer often comes with a hefty tab for treatments and other related expenses, and leaves […]


6 Tips to Find Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients


 Financial assistance for cancer patients is hard to find, and nearly everyone today knows someone that has been affected by cancer. In the United States, 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer. The term “cancer” typically ignites feelings of fear, despair, and stress. With cancer care costs doubling and tripling, it easy to […]

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What is a Viatical Settlement?


 It’s quite possible that you’ve never heard of the term ‘viatical settlement’ until this very moment. That’s because viatical settlements, while being common occurrences, aren’t widely discussed. Many people have no idea what a viatical settlement is or how it can benefit cancer patients. A viatical settlement takes place when a person with a serious […]

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How to Talk About Cancer Financial Assistance with Loved Ones


 Discussing finances with your partner or family is difficult as it is. Throw a cancer diagnosis into the mix and it becomes an even more daunting task. With the help of the compassionate and dedicated counselors at American Life Fund, talking about financial assistance options doesn’t have to be scary. Discovering what resources are available […]


Bile Duct Cancer Treatment Assistance: Organizations That Help Cancer Patients Financially


 What exactly is bile duct cancer? Good question! There are organizations that help cancer patients financially, even with unusual conditions. According to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation,  Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct) cancer is a rare form of cancer that originates from the cells lining the bile duct. Now more than ever, patients recently diagnosed with this rare cancer are […]


American Life Fund Provides Help for Cancer Patients To Pay Bills


 Did you know that ALF provides help for cancer patients to pay bills by utilizing their existing life insurance policy? Many individuals don’t know the value of their policy and sometimes allow it to lapse because premiums become unaffordable. When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is emotionally, financially, and mentally […]

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The Projected Cost of Cancer Increases: How a Viatical Settlement Can Help


 Cancer treatment expenses can take a toll on both cancer patients and caregivers. Medical costs related to late-stage cancer treatment in 2018 have drastically increased and new medicines prove more expensive than last year. In addition to healthcare costs, patients may have to pay for transportation, existing debt, living expenses and nutrition. According to the […]