viatical settlements

The Basics of Viatical Settlements


 There are many things to consider before you start the viatical settlements process such as what exactly is a viatical settlement, what are the qualifications, and how do you apply for one? To make sure you have the best experience possible, make sure you learn these viatical settlement fundamentals. What Are Viatical Settlements? Viatical settlements […]

viatical settlement company

How a Viatical Settlement Company Helps Fund In-Home Hospice Care


 When you work with a viatical settlement company, you receive a significant cash payment in exchange for your insurance policy. You can use the funds to pay for a variety of expenses, and one option is to use the money to cover the cost of in-home hospice care. What Is In-Home Hospice Care? Sometimes called […]

viatical settlement provider

Your Guide to Choosing a Viatical Settlement Provider


 Many people turn to viatical settlement, or the sale of a life insurance policy for immediate funds, for a variety of different reasons. Some want a settlement to cover medical bills. Others want to pay off their home so they leave it to their spouse or children. Others need to replace loss of income, or […]

alternative cancer treatments

Your Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatments


 Traditional cancer treatment is what many people refer to as “slash, burn, and poison”. These harsh words reference surgery, radiation, and medications, and for many people, this crude treatment simply doesn’t work. As a result, they want to turn to alternative cancer treatments. In other cases, patients have been part of the natural health movement […]

money for cancer patients

When to Seek Money for Cancer Patients


 Sadly, cancer can be very expensive. Patients often face large co-pays and other medical bills, and if they are unable to work, they have to juggle these bills without any steady income. If you’re in that situation, it may be time to start looking for money for cancer patients. In particular, you may want to […]

alternative cancer treatment centers

Cancer Diagnosis Planning: Financial Support for Cancer Patients


 Cancer treatment is expensive and many people affected by cancer can’t afford the cost of important health care services. Thankfully, there is a variety of financial support for cancer patients available to those with a financial need. How to Find Health Care Assistance Programs To find financial support for cancer patients, consider working through these […]

financial help for cancer patients treatment

5 Options for Finding Financial Help for Cancer Patients’ Treatment


 Unfortunately, a third of cancer patients go into debt for their treatment, and 3 percent have to file bankruptcy. If you’re having trouble finding help for cancer patients’ treatment and dealing with expensive medical bills, you may need some financial help for cancer patients’ treatment. In particular, you may want to consider one or more […]


Finding Money for Cancer Patients with Esophageal Cancer


 Cancer of the esophagus affects approximately 17,290 people in the United States, and it causes 15,850 deaths per year. Dealing with this type of cancer can be physically, emotionally, and financially painful. If you are dealing with a lot of financial stress, you may want to explore ways of finding money for cancer patients. Understanding Risk […]

viatical insurance

Using Viatical Insurance Funds During Cancer Treatment


 Viatical insurance, also known as a viatical settlement, offers you a way to cash out your life insurance policy now instead of later. For cancer patients, this transaction can be an essential way to cover expensive medical bills. However, there are numerous other ways that you can use the funds from viatical insurance as well. In particular, […]

financial aid for cancer patients

Financial Aid for Cancer Patients: Who Qualifies For a Viatical Settlement


 Although a viatical settlement is one of the lesser known forms of financial aid for cancer patients available, it is often the ideal solution when the financial need is great and the alternative options are few. Unfortunately, a diagnosis of cancer often comes with a hefty tab for treatments and other related expenses, and leaves […]

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