Receiving Financial Help To Relieve Stress

Dealing with a terminal illness is incredibly difficult for the patient as well as for their loved ones. It’s not uncommon for patients to accumulate high medical bills and other expenses along the journey of their treatment. However, the stress of worrying about how to cover these additional costs can place more strain on an already trying situation.

If you’ve got life insurance, you know that your loved ones will receive a sum of money after you’ve passed away. As your bills mount during your current treatment, it might seem frustrating that you can’t get at that money until after you’ve passed.

Is there anything you can do to help manage your finances today? One solution that provides peace of mind and the cash you need when you need it the most is a viatical life insurance sale.

What is Viatical Life Insurance Sale?

To qualify for viatical life insurance sale, a person needs to have an existing life insurance policy and have a life-threatening illness such as cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s, or heart disease. If you meet those qualifications, a third-party company can buy the insurance policy from the policyholder in return for a large, lump-sum payment. This transaction provides a sizeable sum for the policyholder at a time when their medical and living expenses are substantial.

Once the transaction is complete, the third-party company will become the owner of the policy and pay all remaining premium payments. This frees you from the financial burden of ongoing premium payments along with all the other responsibilities that come with a life policy.

A Viatical Life Insurance Sale Benefits Your Loved Ones

There is a tremendous benefit for your loved ones when participating in a viatical life insurance sale. Caring for someone with a serious illness is incredibly stressful and impacts your financial health as well. You or your caregiver may have experienced job loss or income interruption as your illness progressed. Unfortunately, it is common when dealing with aggressive cancers, that costs for care ramp up quickly. These costs likely largely outpace your income and health insurance coverage. You incur expenses from medication, living expenses, travel, and treatment programs. That means you’ve probably accumulated debt or are experiencing high costs to manage your care.

By utilizing your life insurance policy, you benefit from the funds now. You’ve paid into the policy for some time. Don’t you and your loved ones deserve the proceeds now, when you need it the most?

A Viatical Life Insurance Sale Gives You Control

You are free to spend the proceeds from your viatical life insurance sale however you choose. That could mean covering your medical costs, or perhaps you’d like to increase your personal or in-home care, alleviating the burden of caregiving from your loved ones. Regardless, tapping into your life insurance allows you the financial freedom to fund these options.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you receive immediate funds from your policy, call us today at 877-959-5855 or instantly find out if you qualify for a viatical life insurance sale.

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