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ALF Provides Financial Help for Cancer Patients During Christmas

Like many people throughout the country, American Life Fund believes that Christmas should be a happy and joyous time of the year, but unfortunately, it’s not that way for everyone. The stress of bills and expenses can make the holidays hard for some people.

Normally, our organization offers financial help for cancer patients, but this year, we’ve decided to adopt a family for Christmas. We want to spread around as much joy as possible this holiday season.

Giving: A Christmas Tradition

The tradition of adopting a family for Christmas is something that a lot of people like to do. Many people pick a card from a Christmas tree at their church or community center. Typically, the card has the name of a local child or adult in need as well as a few items that person wants for Christmas. Then, the person buys a gift for the other person whose name is on the card.

In a similar vein, other people celebrate alternative versions of this tradition by donating toys to organizations such as Toys for Tots or by giving money, food, and toys to their favorite charities. Even the tradition of caroling was once used to raise funds. Traditionally, carolers would go from house to house singing Christmas songs, and they would bring a small collection box to gather donations to a particular non-profit organization. At American Life Fund, we wanted to combine all of these traditions so we decided on adopting a whole family for the season.

Celebrating Christmas

So that the family we adopted could really celebrate Christmas, we donated $1,000 in cash. That money was designed to help them buy presents like the programs described above, but a great Christmas celebration involves more than that.

Our adopted family also uses part of those funds to buy Christmas decorations such as trees, ornaments, and tinsel. When you’re on a budget, all of those elements really help to make your home feel festive. Of course, some of the money goes toward a Christmas feast. Our hope is that those funds help to make Christmas and the New Year really special for this family.

American Life Fund

Throughout the year, American Life Fund offers financial help for cancer patients. In particular, patients who are terminally ill can turn to us and ask for help. We help patients to cash in their life insurance policies before the usual time. Essentially, we buy life insurance policies from patients who need money upfront.

When we provide financial help for cancer patients, our clients are able to pay their medical bills, cover their mortgage payments, buy groceries, pay for child care costs, and handle other expenses that are often incurred when someone has cancer. Because the money comes quickly and is tax-free, our clients can start using it for expenses immediately.

If you or a loved one is looking for financial help for cancer patients, we would love to talk more. Contact American Life Fund today to learn more about our innovative life insurance buyout plans. We may be able to help you access the funds you need now.

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