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Who We Are: How Does ALF Compete Against Other Viatical Settlement Companies?

American Life Fund is an industry leading life settlement company, specializing in viatical settlements. We have helped hundreds of individuals with late-stage cancer or a life threatening disease, obtain cash offers for their existing life insurance policy.

American Life Fund strives to enhance the lives of those with life-threatening illnesses by helping them turn an existing dormant asset (life insurance policy) into cash. According to a recent study, the cost of cancer in the year 2020 is projected to reach close to $158 billion.

Individuals with cancer are 2.5 times more likely to file for bankruptcy than individuals without cancer. Late-stage cancer patients who are too sick to work may have little to no income and often feel as though they have nowhere to turn.

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To High Premiums

A cash payment from a life insurance settlement can offset surgery cost, medication cost, replace loss of income or pay for everyday expenses, including medical bills. Because most late-stage cancer patients are unable to afford high premiums while paying for treatment, viatical settlement companies purchase the life insurance policy, become the beneficiary of the policy and take over all premium payments.

Viatical Settlement companies qualify the individual and begin the application process, but may take days to extend an offer to the patient. During this time, patients are still responsible for paying premiums they may not be able to afford.

American life fund’s total process generally takes between 3-4 weeks and a secure account is created for funds to be transferred and paid to the client.

The amount you will receive in this secondary market depends on a range of factors, including health, age, face amount and the terms and conditions of the policy. After the patient passes the pre-qualification process, we will review all medical records and the life insurance policy in more depth.

Unlike many other viatical settlement companies, American Life fund considers almost any kind of active life insurance policy; universal life, whole life, term, joint survivor, key man, FEGLI/VGLI (government employee policies) and group insurance.

American Life Fund allows patients to apply confidentially. We will never discuss your interest with family members, employers or spouse without written consent.

Viatical settlement companies assist late-stage cancer patients with the sell of their life insurance by providing an offer. However,  American Life fund takes great pride in our customer service and will not only provide you with a quote, but we will evaluate the policy at no cost even if the offer is declined.

Viatical settlement companies investigate all options to better assist the patient in need, but may not offer cancer support resources to those seeking treatment education, caregiver support and other cancer related services.

Different than other viatical settlement companies in the market, we are very fast to deliver a quote and we understand that this is a difficult and emotional time for all of our clients. We demonstrate compassion, care and professionalism through every step of the American Life Fund settlement process and are committed to navigating patients toward financial empowerment.

Fill out a one-page online application or call to speak directly with a counselor at 1-877-297-4592.

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