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Let Us Guide You Through Your Viatical Settlement

Do you need a viatical settlement? More than 100 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that life insurance is personal property and can be bought and sold like land, automobiles, or equipment.

Late-stage cancer patients with an existing life insurance policy do not always know that the policy has value to their family right now, not just when they pass away. Unfortunately, most late-stage cancer patients are unaware of the viatical settlement options. A viatical settlement is an arrangement in which someone with a terminal disease sells his or her life insurance policy at a discount from its face value for ready cash.

According to the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA), more than 710,000 policies are lapsed or surrendered each year. As a direct result, a staggering 7 billion dollars in combined face value is lapsed each year by American seniors over the age of 70.

Once a life insurance policy is lapsed, the life insurance company is not under any legal obligation to pay the beneficiaries if an insured person passes away. The reinstatement process requires good health with proof of insurability and all missed premiums must be paid to the insurance company.

Here’s How the Viatical Settlement Process Works:

  1. Contact American Life Fund today at 877-297-4592 to speak with a counselor or fill out our easy online application. We will guide you through the pre-qualification process and ask you to fill out an easy one page form. Once qualifications are verified, you will be given an offer for your policy.
  2. After the initial application is submitted, American Life Fund will review the policy and any non-forfeiture options, policy dividends, policy riders, or provisions attached to the policy.
  3. If accepted, closing documents will be sent out for your signature. During the 2- 3 week viatical settlement process, your life insurance carrier will be instructed to make the necessary ownership changes to the policy. After the changes to the policy are confirmed, funds will be released to you immediately.

Essentially, the viatical settlement process allows late-stage cancer patients to explore all options before lapsing the life insurance policy because of unaffordable premiums. Even with a decision to keep the policy, knowing the value of the policy on the open market gives the patient options and financial peace-of-mind.

American Life Fund ensures complete confidentiality during the entire viatical settlement process and offers cancer support resources if you chose to decline the offer. There is no waiting period to re-apply online, as we understand families may need more time to discuss all options.

Why Sell Your Policy?

  • Pay for medical costs or alternative treatment
  • Premium payments become unaffordable
  • Funds are immediate and tax-free
  • No obligation, receive an instant quote and one-page application process
  • Replace loss of income

Who Qualifies?

  • Individuals with late stage cancer or a life-threatening disease
  • Currently own an existing life insurance policy
  • Death benefit of the life insurance policy is at least $100,000 or more

How Do I Apply?

  • Call 877-226-9836 or apply online to find out what your policy is worth. There’s no-hassle & zero obligation.
  • If you qualify for a viatical settlement, you’ll be sent one simple form asking for additional information on you and your policy.
  • Once we receive your forms and verification, you’ll receive an offer on your policy.
  • If accepted, you’ll receive your funds in as little as 2 weeks. It’s that simple!

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