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Cancer Facility & Hospice

Many individuals with a terminal illness do not have the financial means necessary to pay for adequate care or for medical treatment. Did you know that your patients can utilize their existing life insurance policy to pay for their medical bills or living expenses? Many individuals don’t know the value of their policy and end up letting it lapse because premiums become unaffordable.

Help your patients by educating them on their financial options. At American Life Fund, we offer cancer financial assistance to individuals by helping them sell their existing life insurance policy. The funds can be used to pay for medical treatment, medical bills, everyday living expenses or used to pay for hospice or nursing home facilities. Funds are considered tax-free.

Your patient may qualify for our financial program if they:

  • Have a life threatening illness
  • Have an existing life insurance policy of $50k or more

With our easy, 3-step application process, either you or your patient can Apply Online or call (877)-297-4592 to speak with one of our experienced, financial counselors to learn more about how our financial program can help alleviate the financial stress from your patient’s lives.

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